Qijie Shen     Chemistry Graduate Student

Qijie Shen

Qijie Shen
Chemistry Graduate Student at The University of Chicago

B.S., Nankai Yuniversity, 2020

929 East 57th Street
Chicago, IL 60637 USA



W. Zhen, D.W. Kang, Y. Fan, Z. Wang, T. Germanas, G.T. Nash, Q. Shen, R. Leech, J. Li, G.S. Engel, R.R. Weichselbaum, and W. Lin, "Simultaneous Protonation and Metalation of a Porphyrin Covalent Organic Framework Enhance Photodynamic Therapy", JACS ASAP

E. Fresch, F.V.A. Camargo, Q. Shen, C.C. Bellora, T. Pullerits, G.S. Engel, G. Cerullo, and E. Collini, "Two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy", Nature Reviews Methods Primers 3 84 2023.

Qijie ShenRachel Leech

Paper Published   6/5/2024

Congratulations to Qijie Shen, Rachel Leech, and our collaborators in Wenbin Lin's group on their paper entitled "Simultaneous Protonation and Metalation of a Porphyrin Covalent Organic Framework Enhance Photodynamic Therapy" publishing in JACS.

Qijie ShenCaitlin Bellora

Paper Published   11/9/2023

Congratulations to Qijie Shen and Caitlin Bellora and our collaborators on having their paper entitled "Two dimensional electronic spectroscopy" published in Nature Methods Primers.

Qijie ShenKeerthi VaasanRachel LeechKatelyn FeulingPing-Jui

Congratulations   10/17/2023

Congratulations to Qijie Shen, Keerthi Vaasan, Rachel Leech, Katelyn Feuling, and Eric Wu on presenting their work at the 2023 Midwest/Southeast Photosynthesis Meeting.

Qijie Shen

Benjamin Ball Freud Scholarship   5/24/2023

Congratulations to Qijie Shen on winning the Benjamin Ball Freud Scholarship!

Siddhartha SohoniLawson LloydAinsley IwanickiIndranil GhoshQijie Shen

Paper Accepted   4/17/2023

Congratulations to Sid Sohoni, Lawson Lloyd, Ainsley Iwanicki, Indranil Ghosh, Qijie Shen, and our collaborators in Neil Hunter's group on having their manuscript entitled "The Phycobilisome's Exciton Transfer Efficiency Relies on an Energetic Funnel Driven by Chromophore-Linker Protein Interactions" accepted at JACS.

Caitlin BelloraIndranil GhoshCoco LiQijie Shen

Quals Passed   11/4/2021

Congratulations to Caitlin Bellora, Indranil Ghosh, Coco Li, and Qijie Shen on passing their candidacy exams. Well done!

Indranil GhoshQijie ShenCaitlin BelloraCoco Li

New Graduate Students   12/7/2020

Welcome to Indranil Ghosh, Qijie Shen, Caitlin Bellora, and Coco Li who have joined the group as graduate researchers.