Shu-Hao Yeh

Shu-Hao Yeh

Shu-Hao Yeh
formerly Postdoctoral Scholar at The University of Chicago

Ph.D. Chemistry, Purdue University, 2015
M.S. Pharm. Sci., Nat'l Taiwan Univ., 2007
M.S. Physics, Purdue University, 2015
B.S. Life Science, Nat'l Taiwan Univ., 2005

929 East 57th Street
Chicago, IL 60637 USA

B.S. Rolczynski, H. Zheng, V.P. Singh, P. Navotnaya, A.R. Ginzburg, J.R. Caram, K. Ashraf, A.T. Gardiner, S.-H. Yeh, S. Kais, R.J. Cogdell, and G.S. Engel, "Correlated Protein Environments Drive Quantum Coherence Lifetimes in Photosynthetic Pigment-Protein Complexes", Chem 4, 138–149 2018.

***Highlighted with a preview written by Dr. Margherita Maiuri and Prof. Greg Scholes.***

Sara MasseyPo-Chieh TingShu-Hao YehPete DahlbergSara SohailMarco Allodi

Paper Published   1/1/2019

Congratulations to Sara Massey, Po-Chieh Ting, Shu-Hao Yeh, Pete Dahlberg, Sara Sohail, Marco Allodi, and our collaborators in the Kais group and Hunter Group on having their paper entitled, "Orientational Dynamics of Transition Dipoles and Exciton Relaxation in LH2 from Ultrafast Two-Dimensional Anisotropy", published online in JPCL.

Shu-Hao YehMarco Allodi

Paper Published   8/9/2018

Congratulations to Shu-Hao Yeh, Marco Allodi and our collaborators in the Kais group on having their paper entitled,"Elucidation of near-resonance vibronic coherence lifetimes by nonadiabatic electronic-vibrational state character mixing" published in PNAS.

Brian RolczynskiHaibin ZhengVed SinghPolina NavotnayaRuvim GinzburgJustin CaramShu-Hao Yeh

Paper Published   1/11/2018

Congratulations to Brian Rolczynski, Haibin Zheng, Ved Singh, Polina Navotnaya, Ruvim Ginzburg, Justin Caram, and Shu-Hao Yeh as well as our collaborators in the Kais and Cogdell Groups on having their paper published to Chem. Thanks to Margherita Maiuri and Greg Scholes for writing a nice Preview piece highlighting this work.

Shu-Hao Yeh

New Postdoctoral Scholar   8/15/2016

Welcome to Shu-Hao Yeh, who is joining us as a Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar from QEERI in Qatar.