Outreach Efforts

Girls 4 Science

Elizabeth Bain organized an event for the Chicago Girls4Science nonprofit in our laboratory involving demos, lab tours, and lunch. With help from our group members and other volunteers over 200 middle-school aged girls visited our laboratories.

Flat Stanley Photo

Working with Local Schools

Prof. Engel with a "Flat Stanley" doll created by local third grade students learning about photosynthesis.

JFI Open House

Every year, the James Franck Institute opens its laboratories to the public to show our science to our city. The Engel Group runs demonstrations and offers tours of our laboratory space.

Thank You Note

Tours of the Laboratory

Our groups works with local science organizations and high schools to offer laboratory tours. We try to show students not only the research equipment, but also the process by which science is done.

Thank You Note

Communicating our Science to the Public

Science isn't done until you communicate your results. We try hard to make our work accessible and to teach the public and our scientific community about our work. We are constantly exploring new ways, media, and graphics to convey our findings. The fundamental science that we do opens new doors for novel technologies and inspires new molecular designs.