Claire Jones     Chemistry Graduate Student

Claire Jones

Claire Jones
Chemistry Graduate Student at The University of Chicago

B.S., Ohio State Univ., 2022

929 East 57th Street
Chicago, IL 60637 USA


Y. Kim, F. Bertagna, E.M. D’Souza, D.J. Heyes, L.O. Johannissen, E.T. Nery, A. Pantelias, A. Sanchez-Pedreño Jimenez, L. Slocombe, M.G. Spencer, J. Al-Khalili, G.S. Engel, S. Hay, S.M. Hingley-Wilson, K. Jeevaratnam, A.R. Jones, D.R. Kattnig, R. Lewis, M. Sacchi, N.S. Scrutton, S.R.P. Silva, and J. McFadden, "Quantum Biology: An Update and Perspective", Quantum Rep. 3, 80-126 2021.

Emma McNesbyClaire JonesHugh Cairney

NSF Fellowships   4/4/2024

Congratulations to Emma McNesby, Claire Jones, and Hugh Cairney on being awarded NSF GRFP fellowships!

Claire JonesKatelyn Feuling

Quals Passed   11/7/2023

Congratulations to Claire Jones and Katelyn Feuling on passing their candidacy exams!

Katelyn FeulingClaire JonesKeerthi VaasanEmma McNesby

New Graduate Students   11/17/2022

Welcome to Katelyn Feuling, Claire Jones, Keerthi Vaasan, and Emma McNesby, who are joining the group as Graduate Student Researchers.